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Have a sneak-peek at what your CyberCarmen could look like!

We are excited to share this collection with you and hope you will enjoy it!

See the CyberCarmen collection on and join us on twitter

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Connecting Dots

Who is CyberCarmen?

Some say she is an Oracle when it comes to the crypto market, some say she just looks cool!

CyberCarmen is based on a real live Carmen!!! Based on MY real live Carmen. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning with some crazy crypto market prediction.. and weirdly enough a lot of the turn out to be true. So I was thinking it would be a fun project to put this concept a bit into my first NFT collection based on a DigitalPainting of Carmen.

Cyber Carmen is a NFT Art-Project by VFX-Artist Giorgio Marino (me) who is exploring the NFT space and wants to bring you some joy with some colourful art pieces.

Why should you get CyberCarmen?

Cyber Carmen is a hand drawn generative art-collection of 10000 unique pieces to collect, sell and exchange.

With 10 traits generated out of 135 unique layers,

Cyber Carmen offers a wide range of color/ texture mixes to satisfy anybody's needs. They look great and will be a beautiful addition to your NFT collection.

When does the presale end?

Presale will end the 10th of January.

What happens after the presale?

After the pre-sale all the minted CyberCarmens will be revealed and visible in your account.

Minting will be still available here!

How is CyberCarmen stored?

Metadata + images are stored on an IPFS making it more secure and less likely to be lost in the future as with a traditional FTP storage solution.

What token is a CyberCarmen NFT using?

CyberCarmens are minted as a ERC-721 token on the Polygon network. These type of tokens are compatible with the Ethereum Blockchain.

There are some ways at the moment to move these tokens from the Polygon network to the Ethereum blockchain, but they are not straight forward. This will hopefully change soon so that everybody can store the tokens on the blockchain of their choice.

If there are news regarding this topic I will post them here.

What is

Mainly I will use to store all my future NFT projects and hopefully create a nice community to share other artists Projects.

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